Love at second sight. ♥

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4 days left. 4 freakin’ days before I become a legit college student. Parang kelan lang, graduation day pa lang. I never thought that leaving the high school life is easy as it seems. I need to face the real thing, new school + new friends = NEW LIFE. Well, it’s not necessarily to change your whole self into somebody’s life. I’ll be living in a dormitory few blocks from UST. Thus, making me an independent person which I’m totally afraid of. HERE ARE SOME THINGS WHICH I NEED TO DO THIS SCHOOL YEAR:

  • Blog more often. I’ve been inactive for the past few months and I think I should make more Wordarts. So yeah.
  • Be more productive!! 
  • Since my Sony Cybershot Camera’s fixed already, (THANKS SONY, though it took years for your company to fix my camera!) I can now take pictures more often and can blog more efficiently! YAY! :)
  • Follow more blogs. (and make new friends!)
  • MAKE MY OWN TUMBLR THEME! (This one’s a priority)
  • and… to be on the Dean’s List! (I’ll try hard this time!)

But for now, I’m still dealing with my co-freshies’ queries at tipsforustfreshies. Have a fruitful school year to everyone! Especially to my beloved fellow Thomasians! :)

  1. jollobee said: Good luck! :)
  2. eternallybitter said: Girl, 11 pa kaya tayo. :)) 10 days pa! >:D<
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